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Valued Patrons:

On 11-18-20 Governor Walz once again ordered movie theatres closed through December 17th. 2020.

Movie theatres, which are running at 25% of capacity to help ensure social distancing, have independent HVAC systems for each auditorium and with increased safety protocols have been indicated to be an extremely low risk in spreading Covid-19.

With the shutdown effect on studios and exhibitors many of your favorite theatres have already gone out of business permanently with many more saying they cannot sustain themselves through the end of the year.

We would encourage you to contact the Governor’s office encouraging them politely to allow theatres to reopen safely and / or for them to offer theatres Covid-19 assistance as many other states have in order for your local theatres to remain viable during these very difficult times.

We invite you to send a very respectful, non-political message to Minnesota officials, expressing your desire to keep your movie theatres open, as follows:

  • Email Governor Walz at or call 651-201-3400
  • Email State Commissioner, Tarek Tomes at
  • Tweet Governor Walz @GovTimWalz

We thank you for your patronage and look forward to serving you again soon!


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